All redemption matters related to tax sales. Bonus content–The ONE AND ONLY  way to get your overbid money back and keep the property, both!!  Detailed instructions on that strategy, with forms. In-person or Internet attendance at live classes with Q&A, or purchase streaming video. Scroll to page bottom for detailed list of topics covered in class.



All issues related to Alabama tax sale redemptions:

  • Tax deed procedures, problems & solutions
  • Tax certificate procedures, problems & solutions
  • Selling property back to former owner at FMV
  • Disputing claims of right to redeem
  • Revoking a redemption
  • All issues related to improvements
  • Making redemption much less likely
  • Lawsuits over redemption
  • Referee/Umpire process
  • Correctly calculating redemption cost for ADOR purchases
  • Buying redemption rights
  • Why quitclaim deeds are sometimes a bad idea

Bonus content: Roadmap and discussion of the ONE AND ONLY method of getting your overbid money back AND keeping the property!!!

All attendees encouraged to come with questions and all questions will be answered in class.

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