Quieting Title

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  1. When to use lawsuit alternatives like quitclaim deeds, how to get them, how much to pay, how to fill out the forms.
  2. Lawsuit to remove a cloud on title, when to use it and how to fill out the provided forms to file suit and get a judgment.
  3. In personam quiet title lawsuit, used when you can find former owner or heirs and serve lawsuit papers on them. How to fill out the provided forms to file suit and get a judgment, and how to handle various problems that might be thrown at you but can be easily overcome.
  4. Description of the in rem quiet title lawsuit  that must be used when you have unknown parties.  Includes forms, with instructions and examples on how to fill in the blanks that are different from the in personam suit.

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13 reviews for Quieting Title

  1. Janis Taylor (verified owner)

    As always Denise Evans presented informative material in a manner that was easy to grasp and fun to listen to. I’m a repeat customer and plan to attend more of her classes.

  2. Bryan Welch

    The Quieting Title class was very educational and informative. Well worth the investment! Denise is the Tax Sales Guru!

  3. mark chapman

    Quiet Titlees first about title insurance and that idea, alone, is worth the price for the class….I wish I had taken the Quiet Title class a year or two ago. And, I have a lot of tax properties I need to do QT on. I need to start this process. For instance, I have about a dozen different lots in Talladega County that are not worth a lot and not worth spending a lot on. I will check with some title companies first about title insurance and that idea, alone, is worth the price for the class. PLUS, I need to check into the Ejectment suite ASAP.

  4. Stephen Grimes

    Very Informational, significant level of detail.

  5. Erica

    Great information, informative, and easy to understand!

  6. Khalil

    I took both intro to tax and quiet title. Both classes were taught in a manner which info was easy to obtain. There was plenty time for questions and dialogue with real world application. I was actually able to use some of what I learned since in a business transaction! Definitely worth the time and . I am certain to take some more classes!

  7. Larry Lee

    Great Class

  8. Jason Cobb

    5 Stars!

  9. michael watts


  10. Andrew McKinnon

    As like all the other classes offered by Butler Evans Education, the Quieting Title class was packed with amazing content and was very informative! Denise’s expertise in law AND real estate investing is invaluable and makes learning the in’s and out’s of investing so much easier and interesting. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in investing in tax deeds and real estate in general!

  11. Karen Ameen

    I found this class to be very informative, useful, and presented in a very relatable way. Great information I will use!

  12. Melody Hart

    This class is excellent. Denise enables you to financially benefit from the tax sale properties you have invested in. This course is much cheaper than hiring a lawyer to advise you on what to do with the deed you have received, especially since most lawyers are not current on the tax sale code.

  13. W L Bowen

    Excellent class….learned a lot

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