FAQ Alabama Tax Lien Auctions

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Dramatically different tax sale process being used by 33 counties in 2021. The tax lien auction has different procedures, consequences to buyers, due diligence requirements and bidding strategies.  Higher interest rates than a certificate auction. Online bidding will be available.  Effectively compete against the hedge funds, without needing a pile of cash to do it!  Take this class to learn how you can invest in those counties in 2021. Class includes a strategy that allows you to take possession, assuming you follow the rules EXACTLY the way explained in class. Otherwise, no possession allowed at all, until yourforeclose your lien 3 years after the auction.


1 review for FAQ Alabama Tax Lien Auctions

  1. Tim (verified owner)

    Fantastic class! This is my third course with Denise over the last 3 or 4 years and it was a home run. She once again provided not only valuable information, but also insight and perspective that will serve me well. I have reasonable experience with tax certificate sales, but tax lien sales were foreign to me….until today. Had I not taken this course I would absolutely have made decisions that would have cost me in the long run. She knows her stuff!!!!

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