Save $$ on Income Taxes

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Simple tricks to save thousands of dollars a year on your income tax. Some involve easy accounting changes. Some involve moving money from one pocket to the other pocket, basically, and getting tax deductions. One involves buying cheap tax sale properties and then doing nothing at all and getting HUGE deductions.  No gimmicks.  No other products or services to buy. These are all legitimate and used by every wealthy person in the United States.


5 reviews for Save $$ on Income Taxes

  1. shai aharoni

    Denise is a sweetheart. She is the only person I know that woul share such an information without charging 30000$

  2. Adam Hobson

    Denise is super knowledgeable in real estate as well as taxes in general. She is very detailed and has put in the time into researching these laws. I didn’t want the class to end and just wanted to keep asking questions. Highly recommended.

  3. Kathy Render

    This was a great class and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in tax sale investing! Very thorough discussion of how to earn money from tax sale property without becoming a landlord. Denise is a wonderful teacher and provides advice on avoiding the pitfalls in this type of investing.

  4. Karen Ameen

    Very informative !!!

  5. Dennis Carman

    Comprehensive course that covered the basics along with details of “how to”. Denise allowed ample time to answer questions which increased the value of the course no matter what level of background knowledge you start with. I recommend it.

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