Intro to Tax Sales

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Available via live online class with full ability for Q&Q during class OR a pre-recorded video you can watch whenever you want and ask questions later via email.

Class has been updated for 2020 changes in the law.  Earns 6 hours of real estate CE credit and eligible for 6 hours of Alabama Bar CLE credit, but also open to public. Topics include

  • Acquisition methods
  • Possession
  • Improvements
  • Redemption
  • Getting clear title

Class is from 9 am to 4 pm, with a one-hour lunch break and two 10-minute breaks in the morning and another two in the afternoon.  Online, but 100% live with full ability to ask questions. Class size limited to ten people in order to encourage participation.


72 reviews for Intro to Tax Sales

  1. Justin Jenkins

    Superb class and excellent instructor! Denise Evans brings her wealth of understanding to the topic of tax lien and tax deed investments in an engaging and educational class of top-notch value. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to invest in Alabama tax sale properties.

  2. Frank McGough

    Was fun and explained so even I could understand-😀

  3. Steven Payne

    This 6 hour, as apposed to the former 3 hour class, is much less stressful and more conducive to learning. Very enlightening and less stressful. Thanks for the valuable information.

  4. Tania

    I really enjoyed this class! Denise does a great job in presenting the material in which is thoroughly detailed in its content. I highly recommend this great class. Thanks, Denise

  5. Xiaodi Autry

    I wanted to go to the course to get some info for the new changes just happened in Alabama, but it turned out to be an eye opening experience – I gained a lot of knowledge that will make this tax sale season the best ever!
    Thank you, Denise!

  6. Chace Tomlin

    Great content! I have done over 20 deals just from reading her book. Worth every penny.

  7. Sandra

    TAX SALES MADE EASY. My fear of investing in Alabama Tax Sale properties is over. Denise Evans with Butler Evans Education couldn’t have made this process easier. The content, her delivery, and knowledge are simply nothing short of amazing. So, amazing that as I type this review my email inbox is flooded with “price notices” from the Alabama Department of Revenue. Denise provides coach-like guidance to breakdown that barrier of fear that may be present and equips her students with an arsenal of knowledge. Only question I had after attending this course was, “Why did it take me so long to invest in myself/future”? Denise Evans with Butler Evans Education is an awesome educator, investor and person!!!

  8. Andrew Ling

    Great class. Very informative.

  9. Clyde Lane

    The class provided a wealth of information needed to properly navigate through Alabama Tax Sales.

  10. Donna A.

    Denise gave some great information and was very helpful with all of her knowledge. Looking forward to the advanced classes.

  11. Greg Parker

    This class offers a lot of valuable information. Denise Evans has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I recommend it for any real estate investor.

  12. Carl

    After reading Denise’s Tax Sales book, the content and Q&A in this class answered all of my questions regarding AL Tax Sales. This is all the boot camp you need to get you up to speed quickly.

  13. Rosalind McMullin

    This class was very informational and worth the money!!

  14. chris fleming

    Great class. It was very helpful. Would recommend to anyone looking to get into tax sales.

  15. Jill Prestridge

    Denise is an excellent instructor! I just wish I had signed up about 3 years ago instead of trying to navigate these waters myself, then wasting ~$2,000 on lawyers when all I had to do was spend $129 on Denise’s class and learn everything I needed to know! Her class was chock-full of valuable information. Definitely worth every cent!

  16. James McMullan

    I traveled 200 miles for this seminar and feel that it was worth it. As a lawyer, I have dealt with Tax Sales before: Denise knows her stuff! She keeps the class interesting with real-life examples of the theories she’s teaching.

  17. Lisa

    Easy to follow. Great teaching style. Extremely informative. It beats searching the web for answers to Alabama tax sell questions. Especially since the law is always changing. Great to have an expert like Denise to explain and interpret the law in a very straightforward and practical way. I thought the video was very exhaustive. Would highly recommend!

  18. John Morey

    I didn’t like that the downloaded presentation is in pdf. I would like the option to have the powerpoint as is and not converted to pdf.

  19. Marie Underwood

    Enjoyed the class was vary informative.

  20. Waldo Wals

    This Video by Ms. Evans is excellent and very detailed. It answered almost all of my question pertaining to the Tax Sale Auction Process in Alabama. In my opinion this is a must watch video for anyone who wants to learn how to enter and safely explore the Alabama Tax Sales Auction field.

  21. Latasha Holt

    This class was amazing . The information was broken down into simple steps . I feel well equipped to begin the process on my own.

  22. Justin Jenkins

    The content, organization, and presentation of Denise’s introductory course on Alabama tax sales is superb. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Alabama tax sale investments.

  23. Niki

    Very informative.

  24. Boris Watkins

    Wonderful seminarVery Informative, would recommend to anyone who plan on investing in tax properties!!

  25. Andrew McKinnon

    Excellent class! Recently attended Denise’s Property Tax class and was very impressed! Wonderful content and great communication. I highly recommend it!

  26. Michael Yates

    The best seminar I have ever attended. Denise is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever been around. She presents complex information in easy to understand examples. What would have taken me months to learn I learned in three hours! Everyone who is thinking about getting involved in tax sales should take this course.


    An absolute must!! I recommend this class for anyone wanting valuable information on buying tax properties. You can tell Denise is a very helpful and knowledgeable person.

  28. paul mielke

    This class was perfect. I went in with tons of questions and came out with zero questions and a head full of ideas/knowledge. The teaching was clear and concise. I cannot say enough good things. It’s the best time you could spend

  29. Chrissi Burrell

    The seminar info was great and so different from what others had said. There was so much more truth and the depth of information she shared was priceless. This info can surely help anyone avoid common and uncommon pitfalls. This seminar is highly recommended to anyone interested in tax lien investing.

  30. Chrissi Burrell

    THIS CLASS WAS OUTSTANDING! First off, I want to say that I am not new to learning about tax liens. I have researched information and taken courses from others in regards to the steps-to-success. NO class that I have ever taken on tax liens tops what this class showed me. Denise is so knowledgeable about this arena I would not dare want to delve into liens without her information. The things I learned completely baffled me and the connections I gained from the class were valuable. I plan to take this class again (lol) because I want the experience of gleaning from her in-person. It is well worth the fee that she charges and the information is second-to-none. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to venture into this type of investing!

  31. T. Smith

    I attended the seminar last Saturday and was impressed. Denise has a wealth of knowledge concerning tax sales and her ability to share that in an understandable manner is fantastic. She encourages questions and discussion and qualifies answers if necessary. If she is “pretty sure” or there is no case law to support, she’ll let you know….that may have been the best aspect of the seminar. I wasn’t subjected to hearing the “opinions” of an overconfident lawyer, but rather presented with information that was backed by Alabama Statute or case law (very helpful if I ever find myself in a legal situation on a tax sale purchase). I purchased her Alabama Tax Sale book and am in the process of reading that now. Impressed so far and feel like I’m more prepared to make good investment decisions at future tax sales. Knowing what I know now, would I attend again? Yes. Would I buy the book again? Yes. Would I recommend the seminar to others? Yes.

  32. Curmeshia Dorsey

    Tax Sales – Alabama


    Tax Sales Intro Seminar

  34. Alfred Q. Booth

    Informative, entertaining. A thorough program on Tax Sales. Ms. Evans knows the subject so well and presents it in a way that it is easy to understand.
    You can ask a question and she may cite a case to support her answer. The presentation is done in a relaxed atmosphere which adds to the learning experience.

  35. Jamie Ledwell

    Denise does a great job explaining everything. Her knowledge​ is very impressive.

  36. Alfred Booth

    Denise’s presentation was excellent. She covered Alabama Tax Sales laws from an historical prospective.Which kept me very interested throughout her presentation.
    I definitely learned useful information about Tax Sales in a very short time.

  37. Jason Weinstein

    The class in Birmingham recently was my first with Denise and I was very pleased. It was time well spent. I thought you did a very good job of condensing lots of information into a short class. I look forward to purchasing the 2017 guide in the coming days. Best Regards!

  38. Harry Gamble

    Top notch! Denise is the go to person for tax lien seminars, and her book on tax sales is well worth the purchase if you have anything to do with tax sales/ liens. She knows details that are very helpful but may be overlooked by most. And she stays current on changes in the law. Highly recommend

  39. Steve Robinson

    This was my 1st class with Denise. Wow! What a wealth of information with examples to further your understanding.
    It’s the best class around if you want to expand your understanding about this intriguing topic. Denise will definitely exceed your expectations!

  40. Mason Dillard

    This was my second class with Denise. I also purchased the 2016 Alabama Tax Sale Investing manual. This is a great up to date reference tool. I have also called Denise on occasion with questions when something unusual pops up and I cannot find a clear answer. She will always answer my call or get back with me with a call or email.
    Her classes also give you the opportunity to meet other investors, attorney’s and real estate agents. Investing in tax delinquent properties is fun but if you are not well informed and educated it can get overwhelming. I take her classes and buy her materials to invest in “caution”. I want to make sure am investing wisely and cautiously. So far so good. Thanks Denise!!

  41. Ashley Byrom

    This is the 4th class I have been to that Denise has taught. She always has great information and examples to give. I highly recommend anything class she provides!

  42. Craig Buchanan

    Excellent class and lots of info.Denise’s class is always up to date with the info you need to keep up with the latest laws and trends.

  43. Todd R. Howard

    Denise is AMAZING! I have been to two of Denise’s classes and she is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also delivers an entertaining presentation. The information she gives should be understandable by any lay person. Her class should be a prerequisite to investing in tax sales. She knows all of the tricks of the trade and can back them up with legal authority. If you need CE or MCLE, her class is a great way to get your credits. It’s much more entertaining than the typical class and as an attorney, I find that I walk away with new ideas and insights each time.

  44. Roger Baldwin Jr.

    What a wealth of information we received at this class. Denise was more than helpful, knowledgeable and insightful about his topic. A must take class for anyone interested in tax sales in Alabama. Already looking forward to another seminar with her to further expand my understanding of this very intriguing topic.

  45. Lei Guo

    Denise is extremely knowledgeable in the area she is teaching. The course was very informative and she also provided a lot of other useful information that I didn’t really expect to receive in this course. That was a BONUS! She took her time to answer each question and provided insight to different scenarios. I am a lot more comfortable with investing in Alabama tax lien now with a resource like Denise. I will definitely try to attend her future courses.

  46. Mason Dillard

    I came away from this course with some very valuable information. One piece of information probably saved me from making a $3,000++ mistake on the purchase of a non residential tax delinquent property.
    Denise informed me I still might be OK if the property was in a revitalization area. I made the necessary calls and found out the property was just outside the line but the property next to it was in the area. So that was not what I wanted to really hear BUT then again it was “exactly” what I needed to know and avoided a disaster.
    AND the guy I spoke with that verified the information turned me on to a few that were in the area that I might check out. Denise also helped me with some additional questions on the phone that I forgot to ask in class. I will attend future courses and looking forward to purchasing the 2016 Tax Sale Investing Manual when it comes out.

  47. Gregg McCormick

    Denise’s Tax Sales course was very informative and included a wealth of helpful written materials. The course contained the right balance of legal and practical information. Denise was also gracious with offering to answer questions after class and by telephone. I will attend future courses.

  48. James Glisson

    I enjoyed the Class. If you plan to invest in Tax Sales then I believe you “Must Know” the information in this class. Good Luck!

  49. Mort Jordan

    If you or a client are interested in tax sales and tax sale properties, this class is very important for you. Denise is an expert on every aspect of tax sales, including the handling of acquired property, potential pitfalls and prospects for the future. She also stays in touch with follow-up through newsletters. I recommend Denise’s classes without reservations.

  50. Sara Oubre

    I had the great opportunity to attend both the Introduction to Tax Sales, and Advanced Tax Sales Courses with Denise Evans. Her knowledge and background on this subject gave me lots of valuable insight to carry with me as I attended my first tax sale the following week. In addition, she was very receptive and quick in answering lots of questions that I came across, and her class format along with the notes I took will be something that I can review frequently when the need arises. Keep up the great work Denise, your passion for your classes shows, and I’m extremely glad that I chose to take your courses. Sara Oubre, Investor, Decatur, Alabama

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