What to Do After Equivest Decision?

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Alabama Supreme Court decision of Equivest v. Stiff held that tax auction held inside the courthouse was void because the statute required it be outside.  This applies to virtually every tax sale in every county for the MANY years.  It makes no difference if you bought at auction or from the state inventory. It makes no difference if you have a certificate or a deed. It makes no difference if you have an ejectment order. All void. This means the assessed owner can get the property back by paying only taxes and interest on taxes. They do NOT have to pay redemption charges related to improvements, insurance, or interest on the overbid. It also means you might not be able to get your overbid money back from the county, depending on how long ago the auction took place.

Learn how to protect yourself. It CAN be done, but you must be prepared.

Class includes forms.


7 reviews for What to Do After Equivest Decision?

  1. Mason Beach Dillard (verified owner)

    I also attended the Equivest class last week. It was very informative as are all of her classes. I have taken well over 6 or 7 classes from Denise as well as called on her for advice and always purchase her updated manuals each year.
    If you want to be successful in this business you would be doing yourself a favor by jumping on the Evans Express!!

  2. steve halsey (verified owner)

    I appreciated Denise’s perspective on the Equivest decision today and how the investor can offset its effects through creative equitable remedy arguments. It was over 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon well spent. Thank you Denise for making sure all of our questions had been asked and answered. You are always spot on with your analyses.

  3. Kevin Bethea

    Denise, thank you for putting this webinar together so quick to cover the recent AL Supreme Court ruling regarding “void” tax certificate sales. Upon hearing this ruling I was very concerned that I could lose thousands of dollars due to sales not held at front steps of courthouse. Course was very detailed on options we have. Thanks for all your advice, courses, and help to investors and the real estate industry.

  4. Abreascia Crockett

    The class was Very informative. I would recommend that all investors that are looking for more information about tax liens or tax deed to take her classes!!!!
    Thank you Denise!!!!

  5. Jeremy

    Denise is a true professional! Great class! Very informative. During these uncertain times it’s so important to know your options and know the facts!
    Thank you Denise!

  6. Frank (verified owner)

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Knowledge builds enthusiasm–enthusiasm drives business-I’m very enthusiastic about my future tax sale properties after this conference -a lot of scenarios can play out on these properties strongly advise Denise and Taxsales-Alabama guidance and wisdom

  7. Mary T. (verified owner)

    I attended Denise’s class today on the Equivest decision. As an investor, you would want to be on top of all the things that may have an impact on the properties you purchase. The class laid back, but very informative, and I learned a lot about what lead to the decision, and how I can protect myself. If you haven’t taken one of Denise classes and you’re an investor, you’re shortchanging yourself. This was the best money spent.

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