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Consulting services by Denise Evans for Alabama tax sale matters. Most consulting requests can be provided with a firm price for services, so there is no risk of costly surprises.


23 reviews for Consulting

  1. Jojo

    Denise is very knowledgeable, informative and helpful. Many websites point to her as the Alabama tax sale expert and I totally agree.
    I was not disappointed, the products/services that Butler-Evans offers has exceeded my expectations.

    The consulting is definitely worth it if you want to pick the sharpest mind regarding Alabama real estate.

  2. Albert Osorio

    I find that Ms. Evans is very knowledgeable with issues pertaining to tax liens, tax deeds, redemption issues, and other matters important to tax lien investors. As an attorney, I find her to be an excellent resource when I need answers to complex issues pertaining to property/ tax lien matters.

  3. Xiaodi Autry

    Denise is my GOTO when it comes to tax sale real estate investment, she is very knowledgeable and responses quickly. Money well spent!

  4. Vanessa Roberts

    I was given valuable advice that was complex in tax deed and intestate law. No I lawyer consulted understood anything in my complex case. In fact, it was a lawyers advice that got me into the intestate position! I feel Denise gave me solid advice in this matter. I wish I’d found her years ago. What’s a couple hundred dollars for her services if it can save you thousands or a piece of real estate? If you find yourself with a tax deed and in an intestate estate position, you’d better chat with her first!

  5. Kristi T

    Denise is an expert in tax property education. Highly recommend!

  6. Luke

    Peace of mind is priceless. I wasn’t sure about how much work I could do to preserve a tax lien property. I potentially saved thousands just by consulting Denise Evans. I will certainly be using her services again in the future.

  7. James I

    FOR PROFESSIONAL RESULTS, START WITH A PROFESSIONAL. Denise has helped me over and over, throughout the past few years. Although I’ve known about Tax Sale Properties for longer than I’ve known Denise, she continues to teach me things I didn’t know or consider. I’ve bought her books and referred her to many SERIOUS tax investors. If you’re serious about tax investing its time to invest in some books or seminars. If you’re like me, you have a few questions about what you’ve read, In this case, I’ve bought her consulting sessions.

  8. Mary Walker

    Denise’s help and knowledge of real estate saved me over $50,000. I highly recommend Denise. Money well spent!!!

  9. Hunter Sandlin

    The best money I’ve spent this year. I hired Denise to do some consultation concerning a tax deed property. She has been helpful, quick, knowledgeable, and honest to the utmost degree. The fee she charged, in my opinion, was well below the value she added by giving me confidence as an investor and helping me to avoid mistakes I surely would have made. If you are considering anyone else for services you could otherwise get from Denise, I strongly urge you to reconsider and save money by using quality service the first time. I will certainly be a repeat customer!

  10. Wallace

    DODGED A BULLET!! Denise, I would have lost a lot of money if i hadn’t talk with you first, Your information was spot on, as always. Thank you

  11. Niki

    Mrs. Denise is awesome! I was recently enrolled in her CLE class and I learned so much. She answered every question very thorough. She’s my go to girl! She also helped me to save thousands of dollars after almost being screwed over. If you have a question, she has the answer. Thanks again Denise!

  12. Dawn Crook

    The information that I received from Denise was very valuable and I believe will save me thousands of dollars. The education that I received from Denise regarding tax certificates/deeds was more detailed and extensive than information that I received from attorneys whom I previously worked with. I feel more confident in purchasing delinquent tax property. I expect to utilize Butler Evans Education again as I encounter new tax lien situations.

  13. Joel Walker

    A fountain of knowledge!! Ms. Denise was wonderful and very astute when come to tax lien and deed investing. Would definitely recommend. She rocks!!

  14. Jefferson Mckittrick

    Mrs Evans is a true professional and knows more than anyone I know about tax liens and deeds.

  15. Nick Bridier

    Denise gave very sound advice and was very informative and knowledgeable about delinquent tax property. She took the time to listen and was only a phone call away. I will not hesitate to call her again in the future and I am also looking into attending one of her seminars.

  16. DeAndra J. Clark

    I had been struggling to close a property that was a mess due to an array of complicated issues. The title company did not have a clue and they didn’t desire to figure it out! I contacted Denise Evans for Consulting Services. Mrs. Evans responded right away which was very important. She was extremely efficient and knowledgeable regarding my tangled issues with Tax Liens. I am thankful that she an expert that is available to me. My sell was saved and my client is happy!

  17. Michael Lazzizzera

    Denise is great! She is extremely knowledgeable and the foremost expert in Alabama tax sale law. I scheduled a one-hour consultation to discuss a situation with some Alabama tax sale properties. She is extremely well-versed on the subject and explains issues in a way that can be easily understood. Definitely will be my go-to subject matter expert for Alabama tax sale and other related matter. Thanks again!

  18. Chelsea Short

    Very helpful and knowledgeable. A+++++ Thank you for all of your advice!

  19. Doug Adams

    Thank you very much for your help. Whether it is an airplane hangar on ground lease property or trying to structure a foreclosure redemption, you always provide a straightforward answer to my odd scenarios. Thank you again.

  20. Jim

    VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE! Information presented was concise, and easy for a non lawyer to understand. Would definitely use the consulting again for future tax and real estate questions.

  21. Gina M. Haynes

    Ms. Evans promptly returned my phone call, was very helpful, professional and extremely informative. She even called me later to see how things worked out. I look forward to taking some of her seminars. I am very pleased that the Alabama Real Estate Commission shared her name with me.

  22. Rhonda Douglas

    Denise was Awesome! She responded to my email within 15 minutes with valuable information that helped me tremendously! I have attended her classes before and will definitely attend others. I highly recommend Denise! You will not be disappointed!

  23. Brandon Kruse

    Denise has been an excellent source of knowledge and advice in complex situations. She is extremely well versed and has been a crucial asset for our fund, covering many types of real estate transactions. She continues to be the leader of information regarding tax sales. Brandon Kruse, Investor, Huntsville

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