Advanced Tax Sale Strategies

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Using law and procedures taught in the Intro class, Advanced Strategies tells you over a dozen ways you can put that knowledge to work. Scroll down to bottom of page for detailed explanation of class.



Class provides detailed advice for over a dozen different tax sale strategies that you probably have not thought about!  There is a strategy that fits every budget, available time, rehab skills, and/or  sophistication.  A strategy for everyone, so you can find your perfect 2 or 3 on which to concentrate.

Class is from 9am to 4pm with one hour lunch on your own.  Attend live class locally or purchase the video and watch when convenient for you.

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13 reviews for Advanced Tax Sale Strategies

  1. Paul

    Denise Evans Advanced Tax Sale Strategies Class is a must. So much great information packed into this one class. The tax sale strategies that I have learned in this class have taken my business to the next level. Thanks Denise

  2. Kathy Render

    I would highly recommend anyone interested in strategies for tax sale investing attend Denise’s class. The advance tax sales class provided a novice such as myself, who does not have experience in real estate or legal matters, with the information needed to become a successful investor. She does a great job explaining the strategies in detail along with some of her personal experiences.

  3. Karen Ameen

    Denise’s classes are very informative, and always offers fresh strategies for investing.
    She makes information that would otherwise be like 3 hours of reading income tax code very clear, interesting and is never boring. Also, as a Realtor it helps me offer more service to my customers and clients!
    I will continue to take Denise’s classes. I would definitely recommend her classes to others!

  4. Melanie Bimbo (verified owner)

    Great info! I love that intimate setting. Denise answers all of my questions thoroughly. Thank you for pouring into us.

  5. Diana Autry (verified owner)

    Wow! I knew the money was well spent just 15 minutes into the class and the informations just kept on piling up all the way to 4 pm. all of our questions were answered including the ones out side of the class topics.
    My 3rd class within a year today and this is how I try to stay on top of the game.
    you knocked this one out of the park, Denise, Thank you!!!

  6. Jojo

    Very informative class, with detailed examples, and very entertaining. The 4 to 5 hours flew by very quickly. It was worth every penny and time spent!
    The money spent on this course is a very good investment and the knowledge learned will mupltiply returns significantly!

    Highly recommend!

  7. dean lovell

    Fantastic class by the leading expert in the field. In depth analysis of decades of legal experience in all things tax sale. Mrs. Evan’s keeps up to date on all the latest laws regarding tax sales. She’s not just an educator but an active investor.

    Great class.

  8. Justin Jenkins

    As always, Denise provides a wealth of information in a candid and engaging manner. Denise’s expertise, both on the legal and the business side of tax sale investing, make her an asset to the tax sale investor community.

  9. Nikki

    Fantastic! Well worth the money! This was a great class. I learned so much more about tax Lien investing. And, I have already saved the cost of the class with the knowledge I gained. Less than a week. Wow! 9
    Thank you Denise!

  10. Carl

    Worth it. Denise is one of, if not the premiere expert on AL Tax Sales. This was an exceptional class.

  11. Jeremy Love

    Worth Every Penny! This course was full of valuable information that showed me numerous of investment strategies I can explore! The information was presented in a clear and simple way, that made it easy to understand. I recommend any new or experienced tax sale investor purchase this class!

  12. Michael Whitworth

    I only give five-star reviews if I’m impressed; I was impressed with the Butler-Evans Tax Seminar. Over the years, I have paid numerous attorneys to learn far less than I learned in Denise’s 3-hour class, she delivers on every level. I consider her the AUTHORITY in Alabama tax liens. Thank you, Denise, for being good at what you do.

  13. Ray Sanderson

    AMAZING INFO! I was blown away by all the information in this class. I’d been making money for years by going after 12% redemption properties and rental properties I could rehab. But, it was getting harder and harder because of all the other people doing tax sales. Denise opened my eyes to so many other strategies, that nobody else knows about. Best of all, most of the strategies can be from property bought from the state, so I don’t have to wait for the yearly auctions. She really explains things well, is great about answering all questions, but never lets anyone hijack the class for their personal stories and long involved questions. Five Stars, Denise!!!

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