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33 Alabama Counties Having Lien Auctions

For the 2021 auction season, 33 Alabama counties are using the new lien auction procedure. 31 will have online auctions and two will have in-person auctions. The rules are dramatically different than the traditional certificate sales. For one thing, there are no possession rights and no right to make improvements. On the other hand, redemption rights can be much shorter, heir property is not an issue, and you can effectively compete against the hedge funds without a ton of money. I really like the new lien auctions, even if you want the property instead of redemption income.

To download a free list of all county auction dates for this year, and notes regarding which ones are doing lien auctions and online auctions, click HERE.

If you’d like to purchase a downloadable or streaming video with everything you need to know about lien auctions, or sign up for a live online class, click HERE.

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    1. They are fixed now, Stephanie. Thanks.

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