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Question of the Week: Mentoring Services

Everybody asks, but I rarely have any vacancies for new clients. Right now, there ARE some available slots for new mentoring clients in Alabama tax sale investing. Clients are provided 10 target properties that have been vetted and a strategy identified, complete with cost and profit estimates. Choose among package profiles:

  1. High Dollar Redemption Income (more than 12%)
  2. Rental Properties
  3. Flipping (tax certificates and tax deeds)
  4. Blended portfolio of the above strategies

Mentoring services include step-by-step instructions and personalized service for your individual package of properties.  Photos, spreadsheets and market analysis available for all properties.  Reputable third party service providers (such as contractors and property managers) are also identified.

Already know HOW to do it, and just need someone to identify properties for acquisition?  Those services are also available.

Denise Evans
THE nationally recognized expert in Alabama tax sale investing

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