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Exciting Things in Birmingham’s District 9

In case you want to skip over this post, don’t! It is about how somebody else’s vision can bring personal financial rewards to you–the tax sale investor. Read to the end, please.

I just returned home from speaking at a Pastor’s Breakfast in Birmingham, at the invitation of City Councilor John Hilliard. I was the featured speaker with a talk about tax sale investing, meaning people were supposed to be excited about MY words. A wonderful bonus for me was listening to Councilor Hilliard’s talk about his vision for the people of his District, and viewing his video about a planned aviation high school. In my opinion, that would be a game-changer for so many families, so many futures. If you teach children it is okay to dream, because you are also giving them the tools to realize their dreams, then the repercussions will echo down through the generations. Our country was built on dreams, and our future will be designed by the dreams of the children now coming up in the school system. We should all help them dream big, because we will also reap the rewards.

If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with Councilor Hilliard’s plans, please do so right away. Lots of exciting things are in the future for District 9, and that means tax sale investors should target that area for purchases and rehab. The future of property values, in my opinion, is very promising! Don’t be left behind, saying something similar to “I wish I bought properties in Avondale when you could buy them so cheaply….” or any number of other examples. Be among the early birds to get in on District 9 and its future! Let other people be envious of YOUR ground-floor investments. To see what’s included in District 9, click HERE for a map and a locator.

What do you think?