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Question of the Week: Indemnity Agreement

This question comes from Mobile County. A tax sale investor wanted to exchange his tax certificate for a tax deed once he passed the three year date. The Probate Judge’s office told him that he would have to sign an indemnity agreement before they would give him the tax deed. They wanted him all tied up with legal documents before they would give him what he was entitled to!

The indemnity agreement said the investor would protect the county from any and all claims related to the tax sale property. In other words, if anyone at all sued the county for anything at all about the tax sale, even claims the sale process was void, the investor would have to pay up!

He asked my opinion, and I told him the ONLY requirement for getting a tax deed was paying a $5 fee. I told him to stand firm, refuse to sign the agreement, and insist on getting a tax deed.

He did exactly that. The Probate Judge’s office backed down and said he was not required to sign the agreement, but they were required to give it to him.

Any such “requirement” is just an internal procedure that has nothing to do with the law. If you are asked to sign anything at all before being given a tax deed or tax certificate, check with an attorney before signing away your life. Just because someone asks for something, doesn’t mean they are entitled to it. Even county officials.

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  1. Mona Lisa Zimmerman posted a question here, but it really was a different topic. I published it as a Question of the Week, with my answer.

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